Burns & McDonnell submitted a formal response today to the City of Kansas City's Comparison Document the KCI selection committee used to evaluate the teams competing for the KCI redevelopment project.  Ron Corker, a Senior Vice President with Burns & McDonnell, claims '"Our initial fact check has uncovered countless errors on the comparison document."  Burns and McDonnell goes on to claim that Husch Blackwell and Ameritas (consultants and advisers hired by the city) should refund the city "...the nearly $1 million it has charged the city for this failed process."

This claim will certainly add to the drama surrounding the selection process and ensures the city council meeting tomorrow - where a council selection of a team is anticipated - will be one to remember.  Check back tomorrow for updates on the selection process and news of the council's decision.   The full release from Burns and McDonnell is below.

KANSAS CITY, Missouri (September 20, 2017) — A Burns & McDonnell review of selection committee documents released late Tuesday shows the City’s outside consultants misstated, misrepresented or completely ignored much of the information and supporting factual documentation presented in the KCI HOMETOWN Team’s 361-page proposal and qualifications document and interview.

“Our initial fact check has uncovered countless errors on the comparison document,” says Ron Coker, senior vice president, Burns & McDonnell. “In addition to the problem of not identifying our qualifications correctly, we see no evidence that any scoring took place, in accordance with city procurement rules.”

A response to the comparison document was submitted to the City today detailing several significant factual errors. For example:

  • The HOMETOWN Team’s experience on projects of $400 million or larger totals $40 billion, not $12 billion listed by the City’s outside consultants.

  • The HOMETOWN Team has worked with all major airlines and all airlines serving Kansas City, not two as listed by the City’s outside consultants.

  • The HOMETOWN Team has completed 4,050 aviation projects at 350 airports, not 35 airport projects as listed by the City’s outside consultants.

  • The HOMETOWN Team has worked on nearly 1,800 aviation architectural design projects, not two projects as listed by the City’s outside consultants.

  • The HOMETOWN Team made a commitment to use its own capital to start construction on November 8, 2017, not June 2018 as listed by the City’s outside consultants.

“As bad as this evaluation is, the fact that the City’s outside consultants did not contact one of Burns & McDonnell’s references provided for this once-in-a-generation project makes this evaluation even more disappointing. Husch Blackwell and Ameritas should refund the nearly $1 million it has charged the City for this failed process,” says Ron Coker, senior vice president.

In addition to discrepancies in the comparison document, a memo to the City Council recommending the Edgemoor team for the project misrepresented Dartmouth University’s Tuck School of Business under a section entitled: “Initiatives to benefit small, women and minority-owned businesses.” Dr. Frederick W. McKinney, director of the Tuck Minority Business Program, has sent an email to the Cityclarifying that his university’s program was not contacted by the Edgemoor team and did not make a commitment to work with Edgemoor team member, Clark Construction, as described in the recommendation memo.

“Every day we learn about another problem with this selection process. The time is now for the City Council to take control of this project and select the right team for Kansas City. It is never too late to correct a mistake. The City Council needs to correct this one.”

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