image courtesy of union station

image courtesy of union station


as we started developing midcoast we started thinking about our history.  we have amazing architecture and design talent in kansas city, but why?  what can we all trace our roots back to?  how did kansas city become the global capital of sports architecture?  how did one of the leaders in sustainability come from our sprawling midwestern city?  what other stories don't we know?  we thought that as a way to start to discover what made this town such a powerhouse for architecture and design that we should look at the past and trace back how we became who we are.  

so, how are we doing that?  with your help!  

we need you to find the most knowledgeable person in your firm and ask how your firm started!  We want to begin to trace back the history of firms in Kansas City and graphically share our collective history on this site.  Hopefully this will be a fun, mostly factual, and insightful look at our past so we can maybe catch a glimpse of the future or at least have a better appreciation of where we stand today.

so, find that person that knows it all and fill out the form below.  then keep checking back or sign-up for our updates to see what made kansas city the great city for design it is today!  and, if you have any questions email us at info@midcoastrecord.com


the midcoast team