Our take on the debate surrounding BNIM's new headquarters and the use of incentives.

To the opponents of the BNIM project….this is the wrong place and wrong time for this fight.  The debate about whether incentives should be used on a project or not is a worthy one to have and should be discussed.  But, why this project?  Why BNIM? A Kansas City company with deep local roots that has put our city on the map as a place leading in sustainability and green building.  This fight puts your neighbors and friends livelihoods in jeopardy; why not save this fight for the big out of town developer or corporation that doesn’t really care about Kansas City, our schools, or our people?

Look at the new hotel proposed for the Federal Reserve building – does Embassy Suites/Hilton need a TIF?  Probably not.  But, like it or not, the world we live in requires some incentives for developers to make projects happen.  You can work to change that world, but shouldn’t that fight come against the out of town corporate giant and not people that have made this community better for over 40 years?  People keep saying BNIM is ‘collateral damage’ in this whole discussion – I bet if you ask Steve McDowell if he feels like ‘collateral damage’ he would say he feels a little betrayed by a community he and his firm have done nothing but work to make better.